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IMG_5385 (Small)

Christian Reisloh (beim Wandern im Himalaya)


IMG_5674 (Small)

Kathrin Brost (die sich freut Mt Everest ganz nah gewesen zu sein)

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Nun kriege ich doch Zweifel, ob Ihr so gut zusammen passt?!

3. August 2011 13:27

Jetzt passt es doch wieder!

19. März 2012 12:22

Dear Kathrin and Chris,I m seeing your AMAZING FOTOS now,even I can not read German,but still can feel the rythem of you two :)It’s has a long time since I write to u haha,Shanghai is turning hotter and hotter,life is still busy but cool,feel free to email back !!!

Will update you guys more very soon!
Many kisses !!!


9. Mai 2012 19:03

Dear Zhuo!

We’re happy to hear from you! Had our Couchsurfing host in Kuala Lumpur translate your message in our little book for us again and felt reminded of the wonderful time we spent together…. Hope you a good and come to visit us in Germany some time! Please!!

Lots of good vibes!

10. Mai 2012 18:41

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